Walking in Switzerland 1

As per ‘Dehaut vergeht nicht’, this has become a normal occurrence when I am walking around in Switzerland, except that lately the xtians are saying ‘Idiot!’ or ‘Vollidiot!’ rather than the good old‑fashioned ‘Dehaut!’. This has been the first time using my new wearable mini‑camera, hence camera angle is not the best, and I have yet to find spots where there is not as much background noise―but still enough xtians.

I don't know what the deal is with that ubiquitous uttering of ‘Idiot!’ under their breath really. Lately I have made exceptions to my zero‑response policy, and have approached a few people politely, asking if they had said anything. One of my conjectures as to the motivation behind their verbal behaviour has been that it is an attempt at starting a conversation. In which case I would have to be like dude wtf, I have been publishing my e‑mail address and other contact data on my public profile for more than a year.

But apparently I was wrong about that, since the people I approached have consistently denied having said anything. Clearly not starting a conversation. One man whom I asked when I was shopping groceries at the supermarket said I must have heard something that came from above, pointing upwards with his index finger. An insinuation to his god perhaps?

If it is actually strategy that they are denying saying ‘Idiot!’, that would simply be an attempt at gaslighting. In which case I would have to wonder, how naive do they think I am? Do they really think, after all this time, that I will eventually lose my composure if they keep saying ‘Idiot!’ under their breath, and do something stupid which could be held against me?

Be that as it may, I am prepared to make further and better use of my new camera. If Swiss xtians have not done so already, they are of course welcome to alarm Bribie Island xtians―since my place of residence will be on Bribie very soon. To make everyone's life easier, I have compiled a who's who of Bribie xtians, which can be found in the ‘Docs’ section of this site. Where it seems infeasible to appeal to court, I will resort to alternative measures, especially documentation and publication, all within legal limitations, of course.

Oh, by the way, half the canton of Solothurn knows about all this, simply from noticing this harassment in public, and from subsequent word of mouth. Thus there really is no point denying or trying to make it look as though I were delusional. Thanks again to the people who support me by approaching xtians―them, too, I have heard with my ears.